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        This is such a great time to pick up a hobby or learn something new! Modern watercolor painting has been such a joy for me for years, and I am excited to share with you some video classes for getting started and getting better!

        The best way to watch the videos is to be able to have the right materials to work from! I know that these days it can be very challenging to get supplies so let this be a loose guide for whatever you are able to get! Michaels and Target currently offer drive-up orders, so that could work for you! If you have some old watercolors and paper in your art closet, that would work just fine.

        Here is a suggested supply list to get you started with different options for whichever you’d like to try!

        Watercolor paper

        Strathmore Watercolor paper from Target

        Strathmore Watercolor paper from Michaels

        Watercolor brushes

        Winsor & Newton Round brushes from Michaels

        9 ct Watercolor Brushes from Target

        Watercolor Paints

        Winsor & Newton pan set from Amazon

        24 Color watercolor tubes from Michaels

        Watercolor pan basic set from Michaels

        Stacey Klein

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